Please note: Dr. Goudie will not be accepting graduate students for Fall 2021/2022.

Camille Valentin - Goudie Lab
Camille Valentin

Camille is currently a MSc candidate in Human Genetics under the supervision of Dr. Catherine Goudie. She completed her BSc in Pharmacology at McGill University and is on her way towards completing a graduate diploma in Medical Genetics at Université de Montréal. Her masters project aims to determine the utility of congenital anomalies in detecting cancer predisposition syndromes (CPS) in children with cancer.

Michelle Carter - Goudie Lab
Michelle Carter

Michelle completed her BSc in Biology at McGill University. She is currently a student in the MSc program in the department of Human Genetics at McGill University. Her thesis project is focused on precision medicine programs at the McGill University Health Center (MUHC) that offer genetic sequencing to children who have been diagnosed with cancer. Michelle’s project aims to provide a better understanding of parent and adolescent attitudes towards sequencing.

Crystal Namuhoranye - Goudie Lab
Crystal Namuhoranye

Crystal is a MSc candidate in the department of Experimental Medicine. She holds a BSc in Microbiology and Immunology from McGill University. Her graduate research project aims to identify and compare the current screening tools used to predict the risk of cancer predisposition syndromes in pediatric patients.

Leila Feng - Goudie Lab
Leila Feng

Leila is a MSc student in Genetic Counselling at McGill University. Her current project seeks to better understand if and how a mobile app may improve the cancer screening experience for patients living remotely with paediatric cancer predisposition syndromes.